Beyond the Suite: Add-ons for Every Need.

Command Your Projects, Anywhere, Anytime.
Gain full project control with real-time mobile access, desktop insights, and seamless MHub integration


Mobile Command Center: Access project data, ask questions, and assign tasks on the go.
Desktop Deep Dive:
Access detailed progress charts and reports on desktop or tablet for a comprehensive view.

Seamless Integration:  Easily accessible with a single tap while using any MHub service.

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Automate Your Sales, Sweeten Your Success.

Automate sales, boost productivity, and gain insights with real-time lead distribution and automated contacts on mobile.


Real-time lead distribution ensures prompt responses, giving you a competitive edge.

Boost sales productivity:
Automate contacts, track leads, and identify top ads without manual work.
Fully mobile-optimized platform:
Respond to inquiries on the go for efficient work anytime, anywhere.

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Showcase, Connect, Convert.
Showcase properties, connect with buyers, and run campaigns on a user-friendly platform with 24/7 interaction and seamless booking.


Showcase Your Portfolio: List properties with detailed descriptions, high-quality photos, and optional virtual tours.
24/7 Buyer Interaction:
Let potential buyers contact you directly through the platform for inquiries and bookings.

Targeted Marketing Tools:
Run campaigns based on demographics, interests, and browsing behavior.
Gain insights into buyer behavior and campaign performance.
Seamless Booking: Enable online selection for smoother customer experience.

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Smoothen Your Construction Journey up to Vacant Possession

Streamline construction with a centralized platform for progress tracking, inspections, handover, and defect management.


Construction Phase: Track progress and identify issues centrally.

24/7 Buyer Interaction:
Enable direct contact for inquiries or bookings on the platform.

Targeted Marketing:
Run campaigns based on demographics and interests.

Data & Analytics:
Gain insights into buyer behavior and campaign performance.

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Automate Data, Eliminate Errors.

Automate data entry, ensure accuracy, and reduce errors with cross-platform compatibility.

Automated Data Crawling: Extracts data for faster transfer, eliminating manual entry.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Seamlessly connects with ERP systems for smooth data exchange.

Reduced Errors: Minimizes human errors for accurate and consistent data transfer.

A streamlined and scalable solution designed to meet the evolving needs of your property growth!