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Holistic Booking Solution for
End-to-End Property Transactions

Experience seamless integration with MHub's interconnected apps in the property ecosystem.
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Maximise efficiency and save time with automated sales processes

MHub provides a comprehensive front-end, pre-sales and sales system to manage bookings,
streamlining the process from inquiry to contract signing.

Efficient project and
unit listing management

Inventory Management

Simplifies your inventory management by keeping your projects, unit info, site and storey plans well organised and systematised.

Accelerate sales closures with automated processes

Booking Management

Optimise your sales process with our automated sales platform. From pre-sales to contract signing, we provide seamless support for a smooth property transaction.

Make data driven decisions to achieve your goals

real-time data

Enhance your sales journey with real-time data insights that allow you to make informed decisions and achieve faster turnaround and better profits.

Unlock untapped potential and boost your sales with MHub.

Elevate your sales approach and revolutionise the way you sell with a comprehensive range of products
For Sales Administrators / Sales Staffs / Agents

Facilitate your bookings across multiple locations and effortlessly manage all accounts, bookings, and purchaser information in real-time with comprehensive status updates.

For Sales Administrators / Sales Staffs / Manager

Streamlining licensing, reporting, and operations while ensuring easy updates for licensed housing projects with HIMS (Housing Integrated Management System).

For Sales Manager / Sales Admin / Finance Officer

A cutting-edge automated commissioning platform, specifically designed to efficiently handle complex calculations for multiple commission structures, which also includes overriding, retro, and various other schemes.

Our solutions have increased sales by billions of
dollars across South East Asia.

Our suite of digital solutions offers feature-rich booking management, pricing and promotion applications, inventory
management, SPA tracker, reporting dashboard and many more – all aimed towards keeping your revenue growing.


Across South East Asia (SEA)

Total booking value


And counting

Total primary sales


Source: NAPIC 2021

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