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Automate contact strategy, trace sales, and pinpoint high-performing ads effortlessly
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Close more sales with SalesCandy®

We provide you with efficient lead management tools and analytics to enhance your sales performance.

Real-time lead distribution
for faster response

Lead Management

Our solution ensures that every lead is attended to promptly, within the golden window, giving you the edge over your competition.

Increase your sales team productivity

contact strategy

Automate your contact strategy, track lead journeys, gather conversion data, and identify high-performing ads - all
without manual intervention.

Fully mobile-optimised

mobile optimised

SalesCandy® is fully mobile optimised so that you can respond to enquiries on the go, getting your job done efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Grow your sales with our automated tools!

The perfect tool to enforce your sales contact strategy, trace every sale, and pinpoint the ads that give you the best return!
Mobile App & Manager Portal

SalesCandy® offers both a mobile app and a manager portal to improve lead management and boost sales performance. The mobile app enables sales reps to receive and respond to leads on the go, while the manager portal provides real-time analytics to help managers make data-driven decisions.


With CandyNumber, you can put an end to leakages resulting from missed calls, gain valuable insights into your offline marketing campaigns, boost call volume, and maximise your return on ad spend.

WhatsApp Business API

Track all sales interactions with prospects and customers, view messages and files sent by your salespersons, and provide quick and efficient customer support through seamless tracking and monitoring under one roof.

Helping you win through lead-to-sale (L2S) solutions.

Achieve higher conversion rate in order to stands out in the market
Response rate

4 minutes

Faster average response rate

Sales Appointment


Increase in sales appointments

Conversion rate


Higher conversion rate

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All of your property journey in one place

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