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Track your property sales process throughout the end-to-end customer journey.

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MHub CRM centralizes buyer info and streamlines sales
in one user-friendly platform

Real Time Data

Say farewell to outdated data and inaccuracies. Access information anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Synchronized Marketing

Integrate various channels to monitor budget, ROI, and conversions, including project websites, Facebook ads, and offline events.

Lead Management

Automatically route and assign leads to team members based on intelligent rule configuration as soon as they are received.

Key CRM Features


Enhance Marketing Efficiency


Measure marketing success by showing how your strategies perform and tracking leads through the sales funnel.

Easy Prospect Outreach


MHub CRM lets you launch targeted campaigns to promote new projects and discounts directly to your prospects.

Customizable Fields


Streamline data collection and compilation effortlessly by incorporating any fields relevant to your campaign, ensuring comprehensive and efficient information gathering.


Opportunity Management


A centralized view of your sales pipeline, allowing you to track customer interest in projects from initial inquiry to final booking - all on a single screen.




Craft a tailored workflow that precisely fits the unique needs and dynamics of your team.

Lead Qualification


Turn prospects into customers. Prioritize high-quality leads and oversee the journey to increase your chances of closing deals.

Real-time Lead Assignment Alerts


Receive instant notifications from your browser whenever a new lead is assigned to you. This ensures you can promptly reach out to fresh leads, maximizing your chances of conversion.

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Implement CRM effectively with MHub: assess processes, choose MHub CRM, customize, migrate data, and provide training. Seamlessly integrate with MHub's suite to enhance customer relationships, boost sales, and streamline operations.

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