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Better communicate your pre-sales, sales, and post-sales property transaction data via trends and insights that can be used to tell a more compelling business story to the right audience. It allows for fast analysis and instant digestion of critical metrics.
Better Data 

Your administrators capture key points better than traditional spreadsheets.

Faster Decision 

Naturally process visuals faster and well-presented data helps decision-makers accelerate decision-making and ensure business growth.

Complicated Data
Quick insight for C-Suite on the vast quantities of transaction date. MHub Analytics presents to you your end-to-end transaction data accuracy and most importantly, relevant.

Unify. Analyze. Optimize. Smart Solution for Smarter Property Development.

Your Hub for Precision Oversight and Strategic Control

A centralized solutions for comprehensive property operations oversight.
Marketing overview
For Marketing Manager

Analyze leads collected from multiple marketing channels and their conversion rates (from lead to opportunity to customer). With these insights, you can evaluate future CRM marketing campaigns, reviewing budgeted costs, revenues, and ROI.

SaLES overview
For Sales Manager

Users can track their sales cycle from new leads to future opportunities, gain insights on all sales team bookings across projects, and monitor individual team members' lead response performance and aging cases.

PROJECT overview
For Sales & Marketing Managers

A solid lead management system that enforces a contact strategy which maximises your sales potential by responding to leads within the crucial "Golden Window" and gain complete visibility on your sales performance.


For Marketing Team / Sales Managers / Sales Staffs / Agents

A customer relationship system tailored specifically for the property industry to help you easily manage your customer relationships from nurturing leads to closing sales.

Unify. Analyze. Optimize. Smart Solution for Smarter Property Development.

End-to-End Property Developer Operating System designed to simplify your property growth journey.
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