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The implementation of Housing Integrated Management System (HIMS) by the Local Government Development (KPKT) is a strategic initiative to unify all existing systems employed by (peninsula) Malaysian Developers, with the primary objectives of licensing, reporting, and operational streamlining. The integration with HIMS is to ensure that data on licensed housing projects is updated in a breeze.
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To date, MHub has worked with over 150 developers on 2,000 development projects capturing 50% of the primary market sales. The digital transformation of the property industry is our passion and expertise. The partnership with KPKT on HIMS is a progressive move in the right direction and well positioned to help all developers on this journey.

Enhancing Productivity and Data Accuracy
Enhancing Productivity and Data Accuracy

Developers encounter challenge when it comes to populating data across multiple systems. This task is not only time-consuming and inefficient, but also carries the risk of encountering outdated information. The integration solves this by syncing required data from MHub to HIMS with just a few straightforward steps.

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